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High Sales Growth support

You may be reading this because you or your sales teams are not reaching their targets.  They are struggling to access or close good sales opportunities. Maybe you’re looking for a sales skills refresh. Whatever your sales objectives, I can help you get the results you need.

My expertise lies in supporting sales people and businesses in a phase of transition to address the issues they face in pushing that all-important "High Sales Growth" button.

This often means the transformation from reactive order-taking, to proactive selling requiring more advanced sales skills, knowledge and attitudes.

An effective mix of deep sales experience and a background in education enables me to rapidly motivate people to enhance their sales performance. Inspired sales people can boost their results by 50% and much more, within a short space of time. I help them get there. We agree clear direction, processes and sales targets. If there are hurdles blocking success, we overcome them and the results follow. My aim is to give you or your sales team the best of me as far as sales skills, knowledge and attitude is concerned.

Feel free to suggest a no obligation meeting or chat to discuss what you are looking to achieve and how I might be able to help. I look forward speaking with you.

Gert Scholts

How I can support you 

I work closely with each client to design a programme of support that

will deliver lasting results and can work with you and your team on site,

in the field or online to suit your needs and budget.


My key services include:


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