Increased Revenues

Fast-start your sales team transformation with fundamental and advanced sales techniques. My B2B sales training  boosts performance by a measurable 50% and more

Increase revenues through sales transformation

Sales coaching

Continue measurable sales improvement with my 1-2-1 sales coaching for B2B sales people and their leadership. Designed to unblock barriers for increased productivity. Get hands-on support that creates opportunities and closes deals. more

Clients include:

How to win larger merchants

Payments sales training



Start winning larger merchants by transforming your sales team. Here they'll learn how to effectively engage tier 1 to 3 merchants and sell value rather than rates. Let's agree ROI on training upfront and more 

Interim sales director

I’ll drive sales and reduce costs for your company through periods of transformation and change. I’ll plan, recruit, manage and motivate your sales teams pressing the accelerator on rapid growth for your company. more


“ Gert helped us select and implement a state of the art CRM system. This enabled us to look after our clients better, capture opportunities, follow through and wins. Besides that his coaching and training helped us to smash our annual sales targets."

John Diffey,

Sales Director, Denleigh