I'm Gert Scholts

My journey in the sales profession


I began my sales career shortly after graduating as a linguist, starting out from the humble beginnings of cold-calling and selling insurance. Through hard work and perseverance, a strong sales career followed, highlights of which have been transforming large sales and account management teams at BUPA, Bank of Scotland and Travelex.

  • Linguistics degree from Windesheim University of Applied Science, The Netherlands

  • Multi award winning sales achievements in the UK Financial Services industry

  • 10 years as a professional sales trainer at Manulife Financial and BUPA

  • Top Salesman selling first prepaid MasterCard in the UK

  • Corporate Leadership programme INSEAD, France

  • Transformed sales teams at Autoglass, Thomas Cook and First Data Corporation

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I am passionate about high sales growth. After 25 years in the sales profession, leading sales teams in SMEs, start-ups and corporates, I am on a mission to get the best out of sales people by sharing my experience.

Sales is an exciting, interesting and fast-paced role – and effective selling can be learned and excelled at. My skills lie in getting the best from sales people using motivation, people management skills, sales process development, sales enablement technology and account management tools. 

Companies and individuals hire me because, together, we get results. I support businesses step up to their sales challenges with unique video coaching, on-the-job sales coaching, sales team development and Interim Sales Management, all with a sharp focus on delivering continuous high sales growth.

​​I have a strong interest in Payments, sales technology and have become a specialist at integrating smart technology into sales and business processes. CRM is an extremely valuable tool for increasing visibility of sales effectiveness and one I encourage use of. Adoption is key and my motto is " if it is not on CRM, it did not happen".

​Companies and sales people I work with typically see a lasting sales improvement of 25% conversion across the board and often much more. If you would like to find out more about how I can help you address your sales challenges and drive sustainable business growth, please get in touch.



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