I'm Gert Scholts

  • Linguistics degree from Windesheim University of Applied Science, The Netherlands

  • Multi award winning sales achievements in the UK Financial Services industry

  • 10 years as a professional sales trainer at Manulife Financial and BUPA

  • Top Salesman selling first prepaid MasterCard in the UK

  • Corporate Leadership programme INSEAD, France

  • Transformed sales teams at Autoglass, Thomas Cook and First Data Corporation



Great to meet you. 


This is the part where I sell myself.


From humble beginnings cold-calling and selling insurance to totally transforming large sales teams at global corporations ( BUPA, Bank of Scotland, Thomas Cook, and First Data Corporation), I’ve enjoyed a successful sales career spanning 25-years. 


Blending my hands-on experience with formal qualifications in education makes me a unique support for you and your business, committed to helping you achieve sustained results, not blips on a chart. 


I also offer both classic, knowledge-based sales training that’s rooted in process, and bespoke coaching that engages, motivates and inspires salespeople, sales teams and their leadership - a unique combination that my clients find more effective than working with a coach who can only offer experience in one discipline. 


My ethos? I believe that sales techniques can be learned. Selling well isn’t an accident, a mystery, or a secret. With the right support, anyone can sell. With my support, everyone can exceed expectations. 


Working as part of a successful sales team should also be exciting, fast-paced and fun - not a nightmare treadmill of meeting arbitrary targets without understanding, explanation or celebration when you smash it, crush it, or whatever you choose to call it.  


From cowering from tough targets to stepping up to sales challenges with confidence and enthusiasm, my video coaching or on-the-job training options support you and your team to deliver continuous growth (typically 50% within the first ten weeks, often - so much more). 

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