The fundamentals of best practise for sales, combined with interactive learning that introduces new skills, knowledge and outlooks. My sales training courses enhance performance and confidence to create and close more opportunities. 


Why do I need this?


I provide bespoke sales training courses that improve skills, knowledge and outlooks for salespeople and sales teams. Relevant and results focused, each programme is tailored to fill skill gaps and accelerate performance, both in the short term and as part of an ongoing, high-sales growth strategy.


With a career in sales spanning 25-years, both in the field and as a trainer, I understand the everyday challenges faced by sales professionals. This unique skill set also allows me to both share powerful, proven sales strategies and support sales people as they put these into practise in the real world.


Training courses are bespoke, with any and every aspect of the sales process covered according to your needs. The overarching goal remains to create more sales opportunities and close more deals.


Areas covered include:


  • Generating strong sales leads

  • Identifying decision makers and influencers

  • Understanding decision-making processes 

  • How to structure an effective appointment making call

  • Asking the right questions during the selling process

  • How to prepare and give persuasive presentations 

  • Understanding and overcoming prospect’s objections

  • Understanding conversion ratios

  • Staying energized and focused

  • Proactive selling strategies

  • Helping prospects commit to next-steps

  • How to close a deal.

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I also devise and deliver key account management training for companies that use an Account Based Selling approach. This allows them to both cultivate strong, long-lasting relationships with existing clients and explore new opportunities with confidence. 


Topics covered could be:  

  • Opportunity gap analysis

  • Key account planning and strategy 

  • Asking the right questions

  • How to prepare and give persuasive presentations 

  • Effective networking within customer organisations

  • Stakeholder management

  • Retention strategies.


How does it work?


If you’re looking for a stuffy corporate approach, look elsewhere.


My sales training is fresh and direct, delivered with passion and backed up with ongoing motivation and support. 

I use role-plays, discussions, feedback sessions, and exercises to facilitate learning. Participants are also encouraged to share the personal and professional experiences that make training more relevant and engaging.

I train on site, in the field, or remotely, depending on your needs (and always in accordance with current government coronavirus guidelines).


Follow-up support is highly recommended to ensure skills stay fresh and are applied appropriately. My ongoing input also helps sellers stay motivated when working through real-world problems, creating and maximizing opportunities and closing deals with confidence.

TRAINING to create and close more sales opportunities

Every day is a school day!

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