Sales people prefer learning from practisioners who understand their challenges. I use my extensive sales and training experience to share powerful, proven sales strategies, accelerating sales performance immediately as part of a high sales growth plan.

To make sales training relevant, I include your business goals at the preparation stage and gain background information on the attendees.

​I design and deliver sales training that will improve your sales team’s skills, knowledge attitude. In the end it is about your business’ bottom line. ​My sales training is relevant, results focused and tailored to the skill gaps of the individuals. Every aspect of the sales process can be covered in detail. Here are the outcomes of  a 1 day New Sales training event. At the end of the training attendees will:


  • Generate their own sales leads.

  • Know how to structure an effective appointment making call.

  • Be able to gain prospects’ commitment to next steps.

  • Understand the importance of asking probing questions during the selling process.

  • Design and practice probing questions relevant for the markets they sell into.

  • Know how to identify decision makers, influencers and decision-making processes.

  • Understand that prospects’ objections are part of pro-active selling strategies.

  • Know and practise objection handling.

  • Know methods to close a deal

  • Understand that conversion ratios from call to appointment are a result of quantity and quality conversations.

  • Have found new energy and focus in the new sales strategies and tactics learned.

If your company goals includes the objective to make more sales from existing customers and retaining them, I deliver bespoke key account management training. This typically covers:

  • Growing key accounts.

  • Opportunity gap analysis.

  • Effective networking within customer organisations.

  • Stakeholder management.

  • Retention strategies.

  • Key account planning.

Over the years I have learned that effective sales training needs to be fresh, direct, passionate and highly supportive. You can be assured that is how I deliver to your team.

I use role-plays with feedback, discussion and exercises to encourage learning. Delegates are also encouraged to share experiences to make training relevant and entertaining. ​

I train on site, in the field and online to suit your needs and budgets.

Clients find my follow-up support a useful addition to a Training event. It is designed to ensure skills stay fresh and the right sales techniques continue to be applied in the most relevant and effective way.  


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