Tomorrow's leaders are here

Today's top seller could be tomorrow's top business leader. Employees could have the potential in them to become senior leaders. So how does the organisation identify this talent and decide how to best support personal development?

Business simulations provide both insights into employee levels of basic business  acumen skills and targeted development, enabling employees to understand the ‘bigger picture’  and to drive business growth. Senior Managers are offered unprecedented insights through performance metrics, thus enabling them  to understand detailed levels of their staff’s business acumen and to understanding which elements they need to development.

Targeted simulations

Trainees are immersed into real life business scenarios.  Simulations provide in-depth understanding of the inner workings of specific business components such as sales, marketing & logistics, the value of cross collaboration, as well as core functions such as finance, HR and internal & external communication. Outside influential factors such as market conditions and competitor updates provide all-round learning.

Challenging acumen development

As the simulations progress, employees will have the opportunity to use their existing and newly gained knowledge to make business decisions for their virtual company.  The immediate impact of their decision will be available, thereby offering experiential learning to modify and improve their future decisions. Gamification techniques stimulate the trainee as they are  challenged to run a successful company.


Scalable and flexible

All of our business simulations work around your schedule. Trainees can work alone or in teams, in office workshops, at facilitated events or run completely online.  Simulations can be off the shelf or tailored to your specific business requirements; enabling complete focus on what matters to you the most.


Advanced results system

Our simulation system automatically

prepares full feedback, results and

reports. These are designed specifically to help recognise performance and also to evaluate the quality of participants business decisions. The simulations adopt a Balanced Scorecard approach to evaluate business performance. The overall score is based upon the team’s ability to satisfy customers, generate profits, invest in the future, motivate employees, and create wealth for stockholders. The Balanced Scorecard also helps identify participants’ strengths and weaknesses and compare

them across the teams.


Flexible delivery options

Intensive format:

Our simulations can be run in an intensive format for programmes that are designed to run over half, 1, 2, or 3 days.

Time Phased Format:

This option enables the simulations to be run over a period of weeks enabling participants to continue with their day to day tasks and responsibilities.


Easy to take part

Our simulations require no software downloads or installations, so there is often no need to involve your IT team.

All you need is to use an Internet browser and a password to login to the simulation from any internet connected PC or device.

Participants are able access our simulations from the office, hotel, home or even waiting for a train.

Easy to use

All simulations have an intuitive look and feel. The step-by-step directions guide participants through the tasks they need to complete at each stage. Everything they need to know is at their fingertips, including a complete online manual written by Professors and Business experts. Find out how business simulations can support your organisational development here