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I believe sales people can boost their results by 50% and often much more, within days.  I help them getting there.  And with regular sales coaching, their performance will go up and up.

"Gert is at equally at home in sales

strategy and day-to-day sales management. His energetic and fun loving approach is always focused on getting bottom line results"

Angus Pooley, Sales Director, Liquidline

Companies hire me because I get results using a unique mix of motivational techniques, deep sales experience and educational background.

I work with sales teams on site, in the field and online, based on your needs and budget,

Discover what clients say about my results

Whether you are sure sales coaching is the right solution for your company or you just want to find out more, feel free to contact me for a no-obligation meeting or call




Key deliverables from sales coaching

- More profitable sales

- A highly active sales team giving it their best

- Company growth

- Happy customers

- A motivated sales team

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