Acting as temporary director, I’ll manage sales for your company through periods of growth and sales transformation. In this role, I’ll set the sales targets, recruit, manage and motivate your sales teams pressing the accelerator on rapid growth for your company.


Sales transformation


As Interim Sales Director, I’ll both manage and lead your sales teams effectively, helping them stay on track while you focus on other areas of your business.


Setting them on a path to unlimited growth and opportunity, I won’t just keep things ticking over for your sales team - I’ll infuse them with the passion and skills needed to meet and surpass challenging targets. 


How does it work?


After spending time in consultation to understand your growth objectives, I’ll swiftly audit current sales practices and devise a strategy that tackles key issues and helps your sales teams achieve rapid growth. 

I believe in working with sales people at the coalface, identifying the issues holding them back from achieving better results. My management style is energetic and supportive, and I don’t shy away from challenging teams to go the extra mile. 

Through one-to-one meetings with your sales teams, and in group sales meetings, we’ll review progress, refine strategies, and motivate each other to reach your business goals.

Acting as interim director is usually an in-house role. I can, however, provide remote support, if preferred.


Get in touch to hire me as your interim sales director.


Immediate start without the need for 

a long induction.

Results through high calibre, objective sales management.

Flexible deployment from a few days audit, to complete sales team turnaround.

Delivery focused, driven by results and aiming to leave legacy.

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