Making music and

making sales

If you have ever wondered about an original way to motivate and educate your sales team making more sales, then read on.

I combine two personal passions in an innovative one hour full-on motivational musical experience.

It entertains and reminds experienced and new sales people of the critical skills and attitudes needed to win more sales.


Making sales and making music demand surprisingly similar skills, knowledge and attitudes. For instance, sales people and musicians know the importance of engaging emotion and reason at the right time and in the right manner. More about commonalities  

The session is highly interactive and ideal for your sales (or other customer orientated) event. Your team will be singing to success!




Making Sales and Making Music 
  • Motivational

  • Educational

  • Fun

  • Action-packed

  • Interactive

​This event sets the tone for sales conferences where participation and commitment are key.

Call me direct on +44 (0)7738 010 170 for more information. I happily make the session bespoke to your conference themes.


I'll even bring my own piano!

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