Motivational Musical Experiences 


These memorable, motivational and educational experiences combine music and sales, injecting your events and conferences with energy. Expect the unexpected!


Why do I need this?


Motivational, educational and original, my musical experiences make a fantastic addition to your sales training events and conferences. Using a clever combination of music and sales, two disciplines that demand surprisingly similar approaches, I’ll remind sales teams of the skills and attitudes needed to excel. 


How does it work?

Interactive and entertaining, your team will love this unforgettable, action packed session combining my twin passions; music and sales: 


Over an hour, participants will learn how to:


  • Use creativity to find new clients

  • Start sales conversations

  • Listen to and learn from prospects

  • Present with passion and emotion


And much more!


From classical to rock ‘n’ roll, jazz to show tunes, music plays a huge role in this action packed experience. But no practical skills with an instrument or musical knowledge are needed. Your team will come together on-stage to create an instant band, increasing morale and reminding us that selling should be fun.


A unique way to kickstart sales conferences and events, musical experiences can also be booked as one-offs to engage and inspire sales teams facing challenging targets or in need of a pick-me-up.

Get in touch and chat how making music and making sales can work for your event

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