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A substantial part of my career has been in high sales growth payments companies.


In addition to the Sales and Relationships Director role for HBOS Merchant Services, I established the first UK reseller network of Mastercard pre-paid cards. I also launched card products in the Middle East and India.

The Merchant Services landscape is increasingly complex and competitive - making it an exciting market for securing high sales growth.


First class sales skills are a must. So, I have decided to put my experience to good use by offering sales training and coaching to help equip Merchant Services sales teams optimising their sales performance and output.

I deliver through e-learning, class room training, webinars and sales coaching. All designed to work around the every day sales pressures making learning easy and fun too!

My tailored programmes focus on how sales teams can match client's needs with solution benefits. The right sales approach engages merchants beyond transactions rates. We also cover the different stages of the sales cycle, risk management and a best sales practice.


Selling on-line as well as bricks and mortar payments solutions for smaller business, tier 2 all the way to enterprise sales can be covered.

Tailored programmes focused on matching client needs

Covering risk management, the sales cycle, and best sales practice

The programmes I deliver, enable sales staff to:

  • Qualify leads and make appointments with decision makers such as Business Owners, Finance Directors and Payment Managers

  • Create and communicate a powerful differentiated value proposition

  • Understand the principles of merchant businesses and how payment providers fit in their plans

  • Identify merchants’ true needs and priorities in addition to the need to be competitive.

  • Sell value rather than cost

  • Monitise workaround business processes

  • Use powerful questions to understand merchant’s motivations for changing provider

  • Design and present payment solutions in a compelling way - and win against tough competition

  • Successfully manage sales objections when selling Merchant Services

  • Win new clients

  • Develop key accounts

  • Collaborative key account planning with clients

  • Conduct effective account reviews

  • Develop pro-active retention plans

  • Sell additional services to clients to strengthen the relationship and create more revenues

In addition to e learning, webinars and classic classroom training, I follow up by coaching sales staff face to face, online or on the phone.

This coaching approach is truly unique. It cements sales techniques, making use of the live working environment - and boosts sales team confidence and morale. In the end, the sales results count.


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