Proven Sales Results from fresh Training and Coaching 

A motivated sales person will never give up, always sees the next opportunity and delivers consistently profitable sales. My aim is adding to your bottom line by achieving best in class sales performance from your team.

I tap into sales people’s personal motivation, develop it and use this it as the spring board for immediate performance increase. This often results in 50% and more in sales and revenues. Simple, yet it works.




Let's agree a plan of action and start sharpening those critical sales skills and attitudes in the sales team. We'll follow that with increased base line activity for sustainable sales performance. 

This is not theory textbook training delivered by a junior consultant where participation is optional. The learning and development is relevant, fast paced and fun, based on my deep up to date experience in real business. ​

Where I am different is by getting closely involved making sure the sales pipeline fills and deals happen.






My training and coaching sessions centre around real world sales situations your team members encounter. We explore these, agree solutions and follow them through. I often work with sales people in front of their prospects and customers to ensure we get results. My coaching methods are involving and include holding sales people accountable for their actions in a friendly yet firm way. 

It is all about achieving the sales results businesses should expect from their sales teams.

I look forward working with you soon.

Learn more about how I can help and call me on 07738010170 or email me without obligation

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