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20 top sales tips how to beat a cheaper quote by being more expensive.

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

20 sales ideas how to win a deal where the competition beats you up on price.

Ever lost a great deal because you were not cheap enough? Want to find a way to not sell on price? Read on.............

I believe sales people should create value in the eyes of their prospects and customers.

Value is subjective, not fact.

Especially when selling premium products, you can absolutely beat the cheaper supplier's quote by creating more value for your customers than they do. It will get you more sales!

Here are 20 practical tips creating value, beating a competitor and winning a sale:

  1. Obtain the whole picture before you quote

  2. Put yourself in the customer's shoes. See it from their perspective

  3. Ask relevant questions to help the customer understand their challenges

  4. Establish what your customers buying criteria are other than cost

  5. Explore how you can support the 'changing supplier' challenge

  6. Monitize the cost of the current situation/challenges for the customer

  7. Educate the customer to compare quotes on a like for like basis

  8. Visualise future requirements with the customer and show how your solution supports this

  9. Sell account management as a valuable benefit

  10. Make it easy for your customer to buy from you

  11. Be proud and confident about your products and pricing

  12. Know your products inside out

  13. Know your competitor's products inside out

  14. Realise you are part of the overall proposition

  15. Be passionate about your company, your product and how it can help the customer grow their business

  16. Understand and articulate how your product fit in your customer's plans today and tomorrow

  17. Make the buying process a positive and memorable experience for your customer

  18. Follow up every agreed action on time

  19. When following up on a quote, start the conversation recapping on the challenge/opportunity the customer wants to tackle

  20. It is not about you, it never was

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