• Gert Scholts

Big sales questions

This blog suggests big sales questions you can use to get more sales.

When meeting successful sales people it strikes me they ask big questions rather than make big statements about their products or solutions. I think their sales success is related to asking these big questions. Their prospects are challenged and engaged by those big sales questions. Succesful sales people aim to qualify need, timing, budget, decision makers/processes and competitor activity when they ask questions

Here are some of the big questions:

Big question 1: (needs and budget qualification)

How does xxxxxxxxxx feature in your business and its goals?

Big question 2: (needs, budget and timing qualification)

What are the main priorities when choosing xxxxxxxxxx ?

Big question 3: (timing qualification)

What time frames are you working towards with regard to having xxxxxxxxxxxxx up and running?

Big question 4: (needs qualification, competitor information)

What expectations do you have from your existing vendor relationships?

Big question 5: (needs qualification)

How are you addressing xxxxxxxxxxxx at the moment and what do you and don’t like about these?

Big question 6: (decision and authority qualification)

As you move forward in your decision making process, what would I need to do to help you?

Big question 7: (commitment)

Where do we go from here?

Admittedly the above questions may look a little stilted and the actual wording used depends on the sales context of course.

I'd be interested to know what other big questions are out there?

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