• Gert Scholts

Low tech telesales coaching works

Forget an interactive board, PowerPoint, a laptop, a mobile phone or a tablet. Forget about pen and paper. Coaching a telephone sales person in a real call situation is the most effective way to improve sales performance.

All you need is an additional headset (or speaker phone) and a set of cue cards.

Each cue card holds one key point/question.

Start the call and simply hold up the first cue card. For example, cue card 1 “Introduction”, cue card 2 “Agree agenda” and so on.

Low tech sales coaching like this works because:

  • Both the sales person and coach are heavily engaged in getting a sale,

  • Results are real and often immediate,

  • The coach can decide his/her involvement according to progress,

  • It can be done at any time without much preparation,

  • It is fun!

No matter how complex or simple the call is, there is a cue card for every situation. I use laminated ones and keep them in a box for anyone in the team to use.

I continue to get great results!

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