• Gert Scholts

Make more sales with these 3 proven closing techniques

In addition to the most effective closing technique, asking for the business and using silence , here are 3 proven closing methods you can start using today making more sales.

All customers need to be invited or ask to buy. They expect you to ask to do business with you.

1. The 1-2-3 close

Recap the product benefits in three elements. The rule of three seems to have a strong impact in many situations and it works incredibly well in closing too.

Most customers seek:

  • Best possible price

  • Best possible product

  • Immediate supply


“Our product is less expensive, faster and more reliable than the one from your current suppliers”

2. “breaking it down” close

For some customers, the price may seem high when considered as a lump sum. By breaking the cost down in daily, weekly or monthly parts, the price will seem a lot more reasonable.

Present this with flair and confidence to increase appeal


I understand that £1200 may appear a little high, yet considering that the product will be used for 12 months, the monthly cost is £100 and just over £3 a day for absolute peace of mind”.

3. The “Columbo” close

This close is based on the TV series Columbo where a police inspector always asked a key question at the end of an informal interview with a crime suspect. Apply the “Columbo” approach to turn a situation around where you have tried every other close.

Acknowledge it is a shame the customer has decided this way and you make your way out of the office. Holding the doorknob, you turn around and say:

“Ok, I tried everything and still I could not convince you. What is the real reason you did not go ahead today?”

Your relaxed prospect is likely to give his true reason.

The dialogue has started again and you progress to deal with their objection and close the deal


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