• Gert Scholts

10 tips for designing a brilliant commission scheme

Here are 10 top tips for a great commission scheme. It will work for your business and encourage your sales people to go the extra mile.

  1. Design a commission scheme that supports company strategy 100%

  2. Keep the scheme super simple to understand

  3. Get sales people's input when designing the scheme

  4. Pay commissions very soon after sales are made

  5. Reward on-target performance and increase rewards dramatically for outstanding performance

  6. Pay sales hunters a lower base with a higher commission scheme.

  7. Pay sales farmers a higher base with a lower commission scheme

  8. Launch the scheme with examples and show its potential

  9. Avoid any discretionary payments

  10. Make the scheme the same for people who perform the same job but allow for different target levels

A great commission scheme directs sales people to what you want to achieve and how you want them to achieve it. It also helps to attract and retain top talent. If you need some help with your commission schemes feel free to contact me.


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