• Gert Scholts

Sales Strategy in threes

For some unknown reason I like the rule of three. Maybe it is because I can only remember 3 things at the time. Perhaps I have learned my customers like simplicity. It could be because I can only visualise myself in the past, the present or the future.

After setting sales goals, we need a plan to get there.

So here is sales strategy in threes:

  1. Acquire new customers

  2. Develop existing relationships

  3. Retain customers

Acquire new customers:

  1. Hire sales people who can open doors

  2. Train and motivate them to make sales

  3. Recognise them as the driver of business growth

Develop existing relationships

  1. Hire account managers who keep doors open

  2. Train and motivate them to build relationships

  3. Encourage them to become part of the customer's organisation

Retaining customers

  1. Deliver on all promises

  2. Think with the customer to solve their problems

  3. Become an invaluable partner

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