• Gert Scholts

Sales team failure and strategies to fix it

This sales strategy idea is aimed at business leaders whose sales teams are not performing at the required level.

Companies hire sales people to open doors, develop relationships and retain them.

In my experience when sales teams under perform, the most likely causes are:

  1. Direction. Lack of sales management

  2. Activity. Lack of relevant sales activity

  3. Skills. The team is not equipped well enough to win business

Here are straightforward strategies to start addressing these causes and get the team to perform once again:

1. Sales management

  • Communicate clear measurable sales targets and conversion ratios to the team and individuals

  • Share clear expectations of sales people's behaviours

  • Motivate and manage the team to success

2. Activity management

  • Agree measurable prospecting and other lead generation activity

  • Agree number of new sales meetings per week/month

  • Agree Number/value of quotations per week/month

  • Number of new/existing customer meetings

  • Review activity and progress through 1-2-1 meetings and use a CRM application to capture all opportunities

3. Sales skills

  • Observe how others sell

  • Do structured roles plays

  • Hold joint sales visits with feedback

  • Conduct Training during team meetings

  • Encourage the right behaviours

  • Discourage the wrong behaviours

If your sales strategy is lacking elements of the above feel free to get in touch I would be delighted to assist. Learn more

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