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Motivate your sales team to achieve high sales growth with these 5 simple strategies

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Your sales team's activities and results should drive the whole business forward.

A highly motivated sales team achieves high sales growth by making plenty of quality sales to new customers, developing existing customer relationships and defending them against competitors.

That highly motivated team consists of individuals who have their own specific drivers to make it happen day in, day out. An effective sales manager knows these drivers and uses them to keep sales performance high.

Here are 5 simple strategies every sales leader should consider when building a highly motivated sales team:

1 Set clear direction and expectations in terms of markets, products, activities, sales targets and culture. You are the leader so lead!

2 Equip and train your sales people with the skills and product knowledge they need to succeed. A learning culture is key.

3 Make every part of the sales job fun and exciting through gamification, challenges and competition. There are parts of the sales process that can be tough and repetitive.Make it fun instead!

4 Monitor performance in every step of the sales funnel and provide feedback for improvement. This is an added benefit of having a sales process (you should have one!) Knowing where each opportunity is and what the next steps are, is key to sales success.

5 Celebrate success! Winning a new client or simply gaining a demo; each step forward deserves recognition.

Lead your sales team using these strategies and their motivation will rocket, even if you apply just one of these strategies. Your sales team should drive the whole business forward.

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