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Beat Your Best in October

Here is a simple sales incentive that works every time and gets great sales results. It includes 3 tips for success.

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Incentives tend to be won by the guys and girls who perform well regardless. Great for them yet, this all too familiar scenario can affect the rest of the team negatively. In that case a well planned incentive has the adverse effect to what it was intended.

So how do you get the whole team excited,in extreme effort mode, go in motivational overdrive and make more sales than ever before?

Here is an answer: Set the challenge to every sales person to beat their previous best month in percentage terms.

A simple example to show how it can work:

John's previous best month: £50,000 new sales

Charlie's previous best month: £ 20,000 new sales

John achieves £60,000 new sales during the incentive. A 20% increase on his previous best.

Charlie achieves £ 27,000 new sales during the incentive. A 28% increase on her previous best.

Charlie wins the incentive. Well done Charlie!

Set the prizes as you see fit.

Why not try this principle for October 2017 to get a great month:

Beat your best month this year in October. Top 3 percentage increasers in the team win!

Here are 3 tips to help you make it work:

  1. Introduce the incentive with a lot of motivational noise

  2. Have clear and simple rules

  3. Update the team member's progress weekly and daily by the end of the month

When I ran an incentive like this, 83% of the team increased their performance!

If you want any advice or ideas on motivating a sales team to top performance, feel free to contact me.



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