• Gert Scholts

4 sales fundamentals for non-sales people

This sales idea covers the 4 essential sales process steps for non-sales people.
When you have a great product ready to launch, you most likely will have to go out and sell it to prospective customers. That can be a scary thought. Meeting people you have not met before who will ask questions your may not have answers to.
It can feel like being in the Dragons' den.....
Here are 4 steps helping your sales pitch to be effective and successful.
As a process, selling a product or service when talking to a potential buyer, is quite simple:
  1. Open the conversation in such a way trust is established and permission is created for the sales person to ask relevant questions.

  2. Guide the conversation through questions that reveal the prospect's needs and motivation.

  3. Present your solution and demonstrate how it meets your customer's needs

  4. Agree next steps (which could be the order).

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Happy selling!

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