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Hire a coach to take your team to its desination

Read this short blog and find out whether appointing a competent sales coach is right for your business.

I describe what great sales coaches should commit to working with you and what credentials I believe they should have. Hopefully it will help you to select a great sales coach when needed.

We hear a lot about sales coaching these days. It is one of the "hot" disciplines the modern sales organisation/manager cannot do without. Sales coaching comes in many guises such as motivational speakers, digital gurus, social media experts and online training. Yet, despite all of this attention, sales coaching remains somewhat of a mystery for sales leaders.

So here are my views that might help you to decide appointing a sales coach to get better results from your sales team.

Fundamental belief

A great sales coach should believe sales results and personal development are 100% linked. Sales results can only improve at the same pace as personal development is progressing.

Accountability partner

A great sales coach works with clients acting as an accountability partner and applies "tough love" where needed. When a sales person is making excuses for his/her lack of success, the sales coach will address this fast and effectively. Great sales coaching is about achieving, not avoiding.


Great sales coaches have the credentials to improve their client's sales skills, sales knowledge and attitudes towards the sales role. They most likely have a professional sales background and certainly great sales experience.

Results getter

Great sales coaches want their clients achieve their sales objectives. Despite a methodical approach, a great sales coach understands that outcomes can be much more important than process especially for growth businesses.

Yet, he/she makes sure that at the end of the cooperation, a concrete sustainable result has been achieved.

If you are considering a sales coach I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact me direct on 07738010170. With 2018 around the corner, timing may be right.

Happy selling!

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