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Inspire a Sales Person. Just say "Thank You"

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Today, salespeople need more direction and confidence than ever before. We should give it in huge quantities.

This sales management insight is for sales managers who are looking for different ways to motivate their sales team members achieving high sales growth.

Many customers have slowed down decision making or stopped buying for the time being. This has caused a drop in self-confidence and all important sales mindset just at the time where we need our sales people to be confident supporting customers.

Motivation is an important part of the sales leader's role. If your team is not motivated, you have to fix it more than nobody else. Get help with 2021 targets and motivating your sales team

If the salesperson can not get his or her story across in the first few seconds of an interaction, the story will never be told and sales will never be made.

So how can we motivate sales people to keep going and what kinds of motivation will work?

There are two types of motivation.

Extrinsic motivation: incentives, bonuses and vouchers, representing the company during a conference. This motivation comes from others recognising a person's results. It is a popular and often effective short term way to get performance and motivation up.

Intrinsic motivation: autonomy, skill mastery, helping clients, the kick of winning a deal, purpose, providing for loved ones. This type of motivation comes naturally from a person themselves. The action can be more satisfying than the result. And, often is more sustainable.

Both methods can work well, especially in conjunction with each other.

Too much extrinsic motivation given to sales team members can reduce their intrinsic motivation. This can lead to reduced and lower sales results.

Below an extrinsic motivational idea with intrinsic references for a sales person in your team who has achieved their sales target.


Dear Gert,

I want to congratulate and thank you for your excellent start of 2020 in January and February.

You helped the company grow substantially last year. Many customers have told me how delighted they were with your help and expertise.

The unprecedented changes we are experiencing at work and at home, have overshadowed this, yet I believe we can find inspiration and motivation on reflecting what the sales job is about.

In no other job than sales, activity equals results. I want to thank you for both.

Every call ending with:

  • "no answer",

  • "he is not in today",

  • "we have a no names policy here",

  • " phone put down" ,

and every

  • "can she call you back?" have made a difference.

I have seen you coming in early, work through lunch and stay late to get hold of prospects and customers using social, email and the phone. Great stuff!

Thanks for getting up with the birds and driving 120 miles just before the customer cancelled the meeting.

I know about your relentless efforts preparing the excellent questions you did not get to ask the prospect because they wanted to talk about something else or got called away for an emergency.

We learned and laughed (later!) when your fully rehearsed product demo fell over because the technology failed.

Yet, what I appreciate most in you is your unrelenting desire to be the best you can be.

You never give up and always look for the good in a situation. You just get on with it. This is what is needed now. Please, keep in close communication with customers and prospects. They need your expertise now and in the future.

I am very lucky to have you in the team, an ultimate professional who go the extra mile for their customers, company and team.

Gert, you have my unconditional commitment to your success. Together we are going to get through the current climate and make 2020 a sales success. I am looking forward to it!

Stay safe



In addition to clear direction , sales people need that extra motivation right now.

You might be surprised how much of a difference a personal hand written note can make. It is personal and adds to your appreciation.

If you want to know more about motivating sales people, feel free to get in touch.

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