• Gert Scholts

Dear Sales Professional,

This sales tip is aimed at sales leaders who seek a new way of motivating their sales teams.

Thank you for the tremendous efforts you are making this month. Nothing is a problem and everything is an opportunity. You are fearless, committed and completely aware that in sales it is down to efforts to get results.

I am confident your attitude and actions will pay off handsomely this month.

Here are the reasons why:

  • You have enough new suspects going in the top of the funnel every day

  • You are constantly qualifying suspects into prospects

  • You are always qualifying prospects and arranging meetings/calls

  • You qualify prospects during discovery meetings through questions

  • You use questions to gain commitment

  • You present our products with passion, knowledge and true customer focus

  • You are closing business every day

  • You put customer and company first

We are exactly half way through the month today. With the above in mind I know bonuses will be payable this month, once again. That is fantastic and you deserve every penny. I will be very happy to write the cheque.

I am excited with you and look forward to another record.

Best wishes

If you like to know more about sales team motivation feel free to contact me on 07738010170

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