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Red or Blue

Red or Blue sales approach pic

You may have heard of blue ocean strategies where companies aim to deliver products that are unique and yet deliver them at the lowest possible price. The idea is that this powerful combination creates a fantastic demand and leaves any competition behind.

Many companies find themselves in the red ocean though. They interact with the same customers most of the time and competition is fierce. Prices are always under pressure and the associated negotiations are as regular as the annual price list and product catalogue.

For sales people there are some interesting lessons to learn from the blue ocean strategy:

  • Be pro-active and always look for new customers.

  • Deliver value to customer based on their needs

  • Go beyond the obvious needs and capture new opportunities

Are you a blue ocean sales person? If so, congratulations! It is a brilliant position to take

A word of caution if you are in the red ocean.

If you are not aiming to be a blue ocean sales person, you may find out your role may well be on the redundancy list as digital selling applications are coming of age. Clients are increasingly for sales people who help them rather who sell a product.

If you want your sales practices move from red to blue and make more sales, feel free to contact me for a chat.

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