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Round pegs make sales

Are you in the right job in the sales team?

What does the job title say about the tasks and outcomes you should achieve?

Here are 6 typical sales role descriptions aiming to provide clarity.

Customer service agent

Mostly reactive support helping customers get the best service. Great role for passionate service orientated folk.

Sales person

Proactive role finding and signing new deals with new customers. Absolutely suited to people who enjoy making contact and developing relationships with new potential customers. Fainthearted need not apply as this role is one of highs, even higher highs and plenty of lows.

Account manager

The job of developing / defending existing named accounts. Superb for people who like to develop an account once boarded and have a project management based approach.

Sales support

This is the important backbone in any sales office helping sales people and account managers to spend as much time as possible talking to new and existing customers. Great roles for people who like to administrate and organise people and things.

Strategic Sales Manager

A sales person who lands deals that are big enough to change a company’s direction. Great for those sales people who have the stamina and desire to go all out on gaining that large account yet being patient enough to work through the long cycle sales process.


They are all about getting customers interested in a product/ appointment.

A key role, especially where the sales team have to be dependent on this. Well suited to the ones with great command of the local language, have good product knowledge and a thick skin. Rejection is part and parcel of the role.

All of the above are roles in their own right and ask for specific skills, knowledge and attitudes. If you or other team members are in the wrong role, sales will suffer and people will become unhappy.

Companies that have growth and stability high on the agenda avoid role confusion. They avoid, for example, a set up where a pure sales person is an account manager too.

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