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How to create a highly motivated team

Leading or being part of a highly motivated team is a fantastic experience. But one has to be aware of the strategies to motivate A team in general.

Winning is a habit and that is exactly what highly motivated teams are all about. The various strategies to motivate team ensures that the team members are ways ready to push their boundaries. There is a common cause, team members know why, what is expected of them and everybody knows how they are progressing. The team members support each other to achieve and are having great fun on the way to continued success. It is fabulous being on the receiving end too in whatever capacity. The customer experience is second to none. Stuff gets done! A highly motivated team consists of individuals who have their own specific drivers to make it happen day in, day out. The strategies to motivate team, in general, gives people the required nudge to achieve the set targets. An effective manager knows these drivers and uses them to keep performance high. Here are 5 simple strategies every leader should consider when building a highly motivated team.

1. Strategies to Motivate Team In Terms of A Clear Direction and Expectations, that is markets, products, activities, (sales) targets and culture.

Team members need to know the scope and purpose of their roles as well as the overall purpose of the organisation they contribute to. Strategies to motivate the team makes the team members aware of their responsibilities. Here are some questions they would need answering to perform:

  1. What problem does my organisation solve for its customers?

  2. Why was this business started in the first place?

  3. Why do customers come to my organisation rather than the competition?

  4. How do I best contribute to solving these customer problems?

  5. What results am I expected to achieve?

  6. What is acceptable behaviour in this organisation?

  7. What does “good/excellent” look like?

2. Strategies to Motivate The Team in Terms of Product Knowledge

Everybody in the team deserves the best tools and training to perform in their role and strategies to motivate team works towards that end. Relevant product training, process training and skills training are all strong motivators and enablers to top performance. It shows the leader is serious about investing in the team and its members. I recommend we make the knowledge gathering fun and an experience never to forget. Good training is not an just an event.

3. Make Every Part of The Job Fun and Exciting Through Gamification, Challenges and Competition.

At one time, we were all very young at heart, and life was full of fun. Why should work be any different? When you play together, you stay together. One of the sales teams I work with came to life when we repackaged cold calling activity to a dress-up day themed “From Arctic to Equator”. Every completed call warmed us up a bit. It was great fun and the team were motivated to perform. To that end, it is important to note that strategies to motivate team need not follow a given pattern. Any pattern which might be fulfilling the need can be made use of.

4. Monitor Performance and Provide Constructive Feedback.

I call this the “Sat Nav” for teams. Sat Nav is great in the car. Type in your destination and off you go. along with useful, motivating information on the way like ETA, average speed and suggested alternative routes. Team members will get motivation from knowing how well they are doing and how far there is to go. Thus providing feedback become essential. Charts, chats, ringing the sales bell or a flash email all helps. 121s are perfect too,

yet remember: "praise in public, reprimand in private"

5. Celebrate Success!

Success is infectious for teams. Celebrating and recognising individual team and customer success is a huge motivator for all in the team. It pulls everyone forward to more success. One team I work with celebrates every time a customer says: "wow, you guys deliver fab customer service!" Lead your team using these strategies and their motivation will rocket. So will their results. Every team should help driving the whole business forward. I've known Gert Scholts for many years. If you want a high performance sales team, he is your man!


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