• Janet Stroodman

How to attract brilliant new sales people

How often have you seen a sales job advertised where the essence of the job has been left out?

Where is the WHY, the very unique reason the company exists for its customers?

I know great sales people will be attracted when they find core inspiration in the advertised role. They want to read statements like this:

John Chuck started Fishbone in 1983 because he believed there was a different way to prepare sea fruit. He invented the unique seapikker making life much easier for food processor staff.

We are as passionate about this today as he was when he risked everything and started his own business. Our fun and focused no nonsense approach to business is as fresh as our food.

Sales people want to be part of the founder's dream and make it happen too, no matter how many free "Friday Fridges", "Fitness Clubs" or pension schemes are on offer.

Come on recruiters and HR professionals; tap into sales people's passion for the company cause, recruit them and they will perform without the need for endless training sessions, drawn out performance reviews and micro management.

Needless to say that you also want clear evidence of past sales success.

These sales people are not easy to find and certainly worth the wait.

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