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Inspiring the next sales generation

I am a lucky guy working with many young sales people and their leaders. My job is to share my experience and light the passion for all things sales. We actually inspire each other and together we are building businesses serving customers, earn a living and achieve a sense of belonging to something worthwhile. We have a joint and individual cause.

Besides customers and great products, building a business is done by focusing on the following 3 areas:


I am fascinated by processes that are simple yet highly effective. If you can do repeat a great results and know why, you have the building blocks for great process. Here is an example:

Asking customers for referrals and recommendations once they have become your company’s advocate. This will grow your business fast without high Marketing efforts/costs. Here are the process steps:

  1. Deliver outstanding customer service

  2. Confirm customer is happy

  3. Ask for a referral based on “help me to help others”

  4. Contact referrals

Back to top 1) Deliver outstanding customer service.


Why do things that can be done faster and better by a system? I am curious about systems that help sales people make more sales while delivering outstanding customer service. Working with young IT professionals we have configured CRM systems like Salesforce.com or Pipedrive to deliver two connected objectives; outstanding customer service and making more sales/profit.


Despite my fascination with the above, I am most passionate about sharing my sales experiences with the next generation of up and coming sales folk.

Of course, I share sales techniques and sales strategies using an innovative Making Sales and Making Music programme. I go out on sales visits with sales people and provide constructive feedback. Customers are our best teachers. Where the real inspiration gets tapped into is when I share my personal reasons for being in sales all my life as well as my other passions in life. My personal WHY is my personal inspiration. It is not how I do it or what I do. It is my WHY that drives my personal mission and purpose.

And some days it all happens right in front of us. We are at a team meeting or out on the road driving to the next sales appointment. I keep sharing my WHY and it inspires the next generation to also state their personal WHY.

And when we are in front of the customer and I hear the new sales rookie say:

“I joined this company because I believe I can make a difference in the field of xyzzy”, my mission feels momentarily complete............

The wonderful thing is that this authenticity of purpose, is the strongest USP out there. It will inspire customers to buy more than any other such as price, features and benefits or customer service helplines. We all know by now, people buy from people (with an authentic cause)

Inspiring others starts with knowing WHY you do something. Try it and enjoy!

Find out more about my WHY

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