• Gert Scholts

Sharpen that saw for an even greater sales success

With June 2018 behind us we should now focus on July and the second half of the year.

We need clear sales targets as well as agreed routes to get there. That is obvious.

Yet our personal development as sales people needs targets too. That is how we become the best we can be in the fabulous sales profession.

“Sharpen that saw” as Stephen Covey identified as the 7th habit of highly successful people who were on the top of their game.

Here is what I learned from the insurance industry where sales agents are continually developed in three key areas:


Know your products inside out. Know your markets in depth. Know how your quotations work and what they mean. With this knowledge you can add real value to your customers. Be an expert and a source of interesting and useful information.


Be a boss in selling skills: prospecting, appointment making, rapport building, questioning techniques, needs development tactics, gaining commitment, closing and application form filling are all key skills for a sales person. Aim to be brilliant at ALL of them. And for some sales people project management, public speaking, facilitation and negotiation skills are the staple of success.


Customers know and feel your state of mind. Belief in your product, your company and colleagues are essentials. Be humble, positive, certain, friendly, firm and kind. Your attitude determines how your customers feel about you and determines if they will buy from you. People buy from people they trust.

Knowledge, skills and attitudes define our sales success. Why not put a simple plan together making sure you sharpen your saw too and make 2018 even more successful for you.

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