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Always spot buying signals if you want to close plenty of deals

This sales tip for sales people helps you to get more sales by picking up buying signals early.

When a prospective customer is ready to make a positive decision to buy your product, they tend to signal this very clearly. Spotting these signals early is key as it will help timing that all important question: 'Do you want to go ahead?'

Prospects will use certain words or act in predictable ways. These ‘buying signals’ can be verbal, non-verbal (body language) or specific actions.

Here are buying signals grouped by words, body movement and actions

Verbal signals

  • Saying ‘yes’ or making significant positive noises: When prospects are feeling positive about the product, they tend to be more positive and ready to decide.

  • Saying things like 'right' and other decision indicators: The decision to buy will leak into their language in all kinds of ways.

  • Talking about money: Seeking the best price is a clear indication of intent to buy unless it is put up as a condition to discuss your offering.

  • Asking questions: They imagine themselves using it and what it would do for them.

  • Asking about timescales: They want is as soon as possible or by a certain date so are interested in delivery, setup, learning, etc.

Body language signals

  • Showing positivity: Smiling, nodding and other signs of feeling keen.

  • Moving forward: Including leaning in or even touching you as they seek to connect with you in a more influential way.

  • Hurrying: Talking faster to get to ownership sooner.

  • Gazing at or touching the product: imagining ownership.

Action signals

  • Reading brochures: Repeated examination of information and pictures.

  • Taking measurements: Checking it will fit.

  • Playing with the product: Practicing owning it.

  • Bringing others to view it: Seeking confirmation from others in the business.

Spotting buying signals and acting on them, is key. Prospects who display some of the above simultaneously, are ready to make a positive decision.

On the other hand, aiming to close a deal too early, can have an adverse effect. Doing so will typically take you back one step or more in the selling process.

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