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How to get passed a gatekeeper by simply asking for help.

This sales tip helps sales people winning useful cooperation from a gate keeper.

We all know about the potential chalIenges getting through to the right person in a new prospect situation. It is not uncommon we find it tricky to get passed reception, Executive Assistants or even the Sales desk. And if you do not have the name of the person to speak to, a friendly yet firm 'no' is the answer. Gate keepers are trained to let the right calls through but stop time wasters. It is key to be relevant.

Here is an alternative approach that works for me.

I experience most people will respond positively to a genuine information request, especially gate keepers who a trained to be of service.

As always, do not worry about the outcome of the call. Just focus on the person you are speaking with. Some suggested words:

Good morning,

I hope you can help me….

My name is Gert Scholts from TBSC. I am conducting market research for my company in E commerce.. We currently work with companies like X and Y who are in the same field like you.

Who would be the appropriate person to speak to with regards to (company name) E commerce plans?

Thank you very much. Would he/she be available now for a few questions?

If the person is not available do not worry. Just ask for a suitable time to call back or ask for their extension number/email address. Get the name of person you just spoke to for future use and thank them for their help.)

This is very simple approach, yet it will set you apart and gets results.

Here is a simple tip: Use you first and surname. This powers up your credentials. You are researching this company to check out if they are a suitable prospect.

Why not try it today.....

If you want to know more about effective selling methods, or have your own approaches you want to refine, feel free to get in touch.



Bonus tip: If your call is answered by the option 1,2,3 etc voice, always go for the accounts option. People in accounts are generrally very helpful.

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