• Gert Scholts

4 proven tactics unlocking your best pipeline opportunities today.

This sales tip covers 4 tactics to get sales opportunities moving again after they got stuck.

Every good sales person has great sales opportunities lined up.

However, some opportunities seem to be locked in their pipeline far too long. They are stuck in there for weeks, months and sometimes, years....

Yet, we need progress and urgency to close deals. I can help you with this today.

Invariably the reasons for these blockages lie in one or more of just 4 areas:

  • The customer's decision making processes are unclear,

  • Customer's requirements are not fully known,

  • The product's cost outweighs perceived value to the customer,

  • A time line to next steps has not been clearly agreed between all parties

Here are 4 tips to unlock sales opportunities fast:

  1. Confirm the decision makers and decision making processes with your prospect

  2. Agree with your customer the problem your are resolving

  3. Ask you customer what they seek from a solution/product other than lowest possible cost

  4. Establish the time line the customer wants to follow with regard to purchase.

With the festive season around the corner, unlocking these opportunities will help making December a bumper sales month for your company improving revenue, profit and company morale. It will also help starting 2019 with a highly motivated sales team.

Feel free to read more of my posts aimed to make life easier for sales people.

If you need a bit more help, I can be of assistance at short notice. Sessions are available on site and online.

Get in touch on 07738010170 or mail gert.scholts@thebestsalescoach.co.uk

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