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Show who you are and make sales on LinkedIn

This social selling tip helps sales people to generate leads from social media

Before LinkedIn existed, I achieved my sales results by focusing on 3 areas:

  • Always meeting new people and qualifying them as prospects,

  • Sharing interesting facts and views freely with prospects including my own. I love music!

  • Be pro-active never waiting for prospects to contact me.

When using LinkedIn I focus on the same 3 areas

  • Always building my network,

  • Sharing information that I believe my connections find useful or interesting. I love playing keyboards

  • Be pro-active and reach out to people.

Little has changed but social networking has given an additional sales channel.

As a sales person, I continually fill my sales funnel with fresh prospects. It would be great if all of those prospects would knock on my door, called me or emailed me. They don't so I need many more in my sales funnel than the number of sales required.

Once they are in my sales funnel I have to qualify my prospects. Some are in the market today, others next year and some never. By building a relationship sharing information about me, ideas and asking questions I find out who is ready to buy soon.

And once they are in the market I stay in close touch, agree next steps and achieve sales.

My simple advice is that, if you want to make sales from LinkedIn, make plenty of new connections ( LI allows up to 30,000!), share interesting information and be pro-active. And, most importantly share information about you as a person too. It is social after all.

Want to know more about selling methods old and new, feel free to contact me and more new sales are just a few calls away. 07738010170

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