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Buying CRM was like a wedding. Now we are considering a divorce....

This sales management tip is for sales leaders who consider buying a CRM application to better manage sales team activity. The majority of companies I work with have some form of Customer Relationship Management system. Most of the people in those companies say it is useless or that nobody really uses it. Sales people wanted it in the first place, yet are the worst offenders not using the system. As a result CRM is seen as a white elephant and a waste of money. Sales opportunities are not taken advantage of or missed altogether.

It is a very different story when designed well by the people who use it day in, day out. They thrive and seek improvements all the time. They deliver great sales, better customer experiences and more profit. Believe it or not, they love their CRM and could not do without it.

If you are in a position where CRM is not being used or perhaps are considering to buy a new CRM application, it makes sense to have a clear idea why you need it, how it fits in the company and what it should do.

When asked, I get stuck in with a simple specification process involving all potential users (or representation). This will achieve two objectives:

  1. Buy in from all

  2. Have a CRM that has the right functionality and future proofing for your company

I ask them why they might need CRM, how it should work and what it should do for them.

Here is an example of how to specify CRM requirements. Feel free to use it. It is simple and effective. DOWNLOAD CRM SPEC

Once you have all requirements, prioritise them so you have your initial shopping list ready

Now it is time to meet the CRM sales teams and for them to show why their system is the one for you. The wedding and the marriage will be so much better.

If you would like practical advice on how to get the best CRM for your business or make better use of the current set up, feel free and drop me a line

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