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Closing more deals at higher margins

A well structured Training and Coaching intervention backed by Senior Management and supported by the whole business is key to sustainable behavioural change. Here is what happened when I worked with a sales team..........

One day in the not too distant past I met a senior sales leader who presented me with a great question:

'How can I get my professional sales team stop selling on price, yet make more sales at higher margins instead'?'

We discussed our options at length including incentives, bonus schemes, performance management, attracting new sales team members with 'example' skills and even activity management measures. Included in the discussion was the MD and members of the executive management team including operations.

In the end we agreed on a combination of

classic lecture style training, on the job sales coaching and work shops.

The lectures focused on sales processes, negotiation, probing questions, emotional engagement and personality profiling

The coaching covered prospecting, planning initial meetings, fact finding and sales techniques

The workshop delivered product and service presentations skills, pre-closing techniques, recapping techniques and follow up strategies to close deals.

Besides the learning we had fun too with plenty of in jokes and laughs.

Prospecting, selling based on value and deal margins are up now. I sense that this team only just started to reach for the skies.

If you have a question related to sales productivity or effectiveness, drop me a line. I would be very happy to assist with a solution for your business.

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