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5 awesome commitment boosters for face to face sales meetings.

After arranging a sales meeting with a decision maker, we need to make sure the meeting will go well and we come away with solid customer commitment to proceed. If you or your sales team have plenty of meetings but next steps are missing, read on.

How can we achieve this? Here are 5 simple yet awesome tips.

1) Agree an agenda before the meeting starts.

A sales meeting is much more effective if all parties know what the meeting is about. This creates commitment.

2) Exchange business cards at the start of the meeting.

Business cards are a valuable source of information including contact details, job title and company. This exchange is a form of committing to potential cooperation.

3) Recap the customer’s needs before you present your product of solution.

By re-stating customer needs, we focus the meeting on what matters most: providing a suitable solution to address the customer's issues. Re-capping increases the customer's commitment level to act.

4) Agree clear joint actions at the end of the meeting.

Sales meetings result in actions for both parties. Making these actions explicit will keep the momentum and cement commitment.

5) Follow through with an email soon after the meeting.

We are all busy, so a simple reminder to your customer of what was agreed and what is next, makes perfect sense. Not only does this encourage action, it is professional too.

Need help with commitment?

Selling is about understanding customer's issues, gaining commitment to action and presenting a brilliant solution. If you want to learn more about to get your team to top performance, feel free to contact me for a chat.

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