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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

If you have ever wondered how you can motivate your sales team to make more sales and achieve high sales growth, then read on.

Motivation is a funny thing.

New starters begin their their career with bags of it. They break through the initial barriers with ease, yet slowly doubt starts to creep in and for some salespeople sales stagnate or come to grinding hold. It can affect other team members dropping their sales focus.

After endless 121s and perhaps some gentle pressure, you may decide to invite a motivational speaker who entertains your team and makes one or two salient points.

For some sales people this injection lasts for a long time and they take themselves to the next level. Yet, for others (and often many) it only lasts for a day or so before they are back in an 'excuses' mode where everything is blamed for under performance except personal ownership of motivation.

The reason why so many motivational speakers' messages are not as effective and long lasting as you expected, is that they do not really understand sales and the daily challenges sales people face. Their ideas are valid and often very true yet how do these concepts translate to every day sales challenges? It is a missing piece in the sustainable motivation puzzle.

This why I invented the 'making sales and making music' event.

I combine two personal passions in an innovative one hour full-on motivational musical experience. ​It entertains yet reminds experienced and new sales people of the critical skills and attitudes needed to win more sales. I link certain tunes and music styles with important selling concepts related to all stages in the sales process.

Making sales and making music demand surprisingly similar skills, knowledge and attitudes

For instance, sales people and musicians know the importance of engaging emotion and reason at the right time and in the right manner.

The session is highly interactive and ideal for your sales (or other customer orientated) event. Your team will be singing to high sales growth success!

Making Sales and Making Music

  • Motivational

  • Educational

  • Fun

  • Action-packed

  • Practical

​This event sets the tone for sales conferences where participation and commitment are key.

Call me direct on 07738010170 or

for more information. I happily make the session bespoke to your conference themes.

I'll even bring my own piano!

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