• Gert Scholts

Stop Training, Start Coaching

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Ever wondered what the hype about coaching is in sales and how it speeds up high sales growth?

Here is a short explanation why it works, how it works and what it is.

Sales coaching achieves high sales growth by making use of real customer interactions to develop skills, knowledge and attitude.

The coach works with the sales person while they are interacting with customers. No books or theory are used and no time away from the office on an expensive course is needed.

Traditional classroom and e-learning have its benefits of course, yet many sales people are activist learners who learn best from doing things.

The results can be truly amazing when sales people try a new or different way to win sales, meetings, commitment, or just facts they otherwise struggled to get.

The learning is instant and more importantly, creates desire to understand and do more.

The results are there to demonstrate effectiveness. Sales results will improve and so will sales staff retention.

Every sales manager should see themselves as a coach. It is part of the modern sales manager who sees him/her self as sales enabler for their team. Giving team members attention and real development is a promise often made during the recruitment stage. Coaching is one way of delivering on that promise.

And if you are too busy to coach, you can always hire a good one.

I work with sales managers and their teams to create high sales growth.

The evidence is overwhelming: coaching increases sales, job satisfaction and staff retention.

Feel free to get in touch and find out how you can use sales coaching to achieve high sales growth.

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