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Email prospecting just got a lot easier

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

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Sending a prospecting email is easy, sending one that gets positive results is a lot harder.

Yet, a great email can boost high sales growth.

Here are 6 simple insights to better prospecting emails

1. Your “I” to “You” ratio is 7:1.

If you see a lot of “I”, “we”, “our” and “us” words in your copy it’s a sign your message is too focused on your company and too little on your prospect. Turn the ratio around.

2. You’re confusing.

Stop using words like “end to end platform”, “optimized” and “360 view”. Use words anyone would understand.

3. You aren’t talking about your prospect’s problem.

Specific or crispy problems grab attention. CEOs tend to think about tomorrow and not the details of every activities in the business today.

4. Your preview isn’t interesting.

Prospects decide if they want to open your email after reading your first sentence on their phone. Your prospect’s favourite topic? Them. Use these phrases to start your first sentence: “Noticed your”, “Saw your post”, “Saw you’re looking for”, “It looks like you’re”.

5. You’re using too many words.

Keep emails under 125 words. People read them.

6. You’re asking for 15 minutes.

Prospects are very busy. Instead of asking for a meeting, try starting a conversation first. Like this, “Open to learning more?”, What do you see as a next step?”

When you start using these tips your emails will become better, resulting in more sales . Why not take advantage of the current series of complimentary sales surgeries.

It is a bespoke session with your sales team unblocking current sales opportunities.

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