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In high sales growth your background counts.

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

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Creating a professional background when sharing content/selling via video will help you make more sales. It is part of a high sales growth approach.

First impressions last. As soon as a customer sees your image they will form an opinion about you, your company and your proposition.

Making that image look good is easier than you might think.

All you need is:

  • PC or laptop with decent webcam and mic.

  • Free video software like Zoom.

  • Broadcasting software to enable virtual backgrounds. I use OBS which is free.

  • An OBS plugin called VirtualCam.

  • A high resolution company logo.

  • A dark background to project your company logo on.

  • 20 minutes to get it all going.

picture of gert scholts, the best sales coach

OBS looks like this when open and right clicked the 'sources' section. This is where you select your mic, webcam and your company logo.

  • Once you have downloaded virtual cam, select tools in OBS and go to VirtualCam. Select autostart and you are done.

  • Start Zoom and in 'settings' select your 'VirtualCam' option. Just make sure OBS is running.

  • Now you have that professional edge you were looking for.

Now all you need is to convey your passion into a great pitch.

Soon you'll be a real pro!

If you want a bit of help with the above and be the best sales person you can be, follow me on LinkedIn or get in touch.

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