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The Buying and Selling match.

This blog explains why sales people make more sales when they match their sales process to the buyer's buying stages.

Buyers and sellers go through a number of steps when they buy or sell.

Most successful sales people use a flexible sales process ranging from "needs discovery"to "closing the sale". They go through a series of logical steps to achieve a sale as fast as possible.

You can increase your closing rates further by matching your selling process to the customer's buying stage when you first contact them.

The graphics above show the increasing sales percentage chance as customers get closer to placing an order. Buyers also use a process that works for them.

Here are examples of adjusting selling technique and style accordingly.

  • If they need advice, give it.

  • If they want options, provide them.

  • If they want a solution, present it convincingly.

  • When they want to buy, sell to them.

The temptation to start a call with demonstrating your product features and benefits is always there, yet is that what your customer wants right now? Customers have more choice and immediate access to great solutions than ever before.

As a professional, the sales person needs to deliver value that cannot be found easily elsewhere. Making sure you are relevant is critically important in a world where time is money.

When you find they are still at an early stage on their buying journey, you have excellent opportunity to give most support and demonstrate value throughout. Over time, your chances of closing the deal will increase.

If you first meet customers who are close to the end of their buying journey, you should aim to close on the spot with that killer offer to get the deal. It is quite possible the customer has already had a number of quotations from other sales people.

And if you meet them when there is no immediate need, you best move on to a customer that has immediate issues to resolve.

Next time you get a hot lead, match your sales approach to your buyer's buying stages and increase your closing rate.

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