• Gert Scholts

Isolate and win more deals

‘too expensive’ ‘too complicated’, ‘the timing is not right’, ‘we have not got the resource’, ‘I want to involve another colleague’

If you want to win more business and recognise some of the sales objections above, here is a short story how isolating objections can help overcome them. By identifying the objections with the prospect, a simple straight path can be found to win the deal.

Almost exactly two years ago we were on the way to see a potential new client. I was coaching a very competent salesperson and, as always, we were discussing the deal history as part of our preparation.

After an initial approach by the telemarketing team, calls, email exchanges and meetings had taken place with the decision maker, pricing had been ok d and it was agreed that our capability was an excellent match for the prospect’s business requirements and plans.

Despite a good fit, the moment of real commitment had not taken place. For whatever reason the salesperson had not been able to tap into the prospect’s sense of urgency to decide either way. He was a straight-talking guy as was the prospect. He said he had tried everything, but it had not worked yet.

Today we would use ‘objection isolation’ as our meeting strategy.

We agreed on the following plan for the meeting:

  • After the pleasantries we would aim to agree a joint agenda

  • We would suggest 2 agenda points:

1) listing all the prospect’s issues stopping future cooperation

2) see how we could address these

  • Ask for the business

We believed that addressing the obstacles would either clear the road to winning the deal or at least present a next action moving forward.

And so, it happened. We listed all (5) obstacles and discussed them at length finding solutions for them. In the end we asked for the business. The prospect became a key client and remains so today.

Isolating and addressing objections is an excellent technique to overcome them. You acknowledge the prospect’s concerns and show willingness to fix them. It may take a bit of confidence and practice, yet once mastered will help to achieve high sales growth.

If you like more high sales growth ideas, feel free to get in touch.

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