• Gert Scholts

Keep the flow in your sales funnel and fuel high sales growth

My lawn needs cutting every two days at the moment. I filled up the mower this morning using a funnel. It fuels the engine so I can keep up with spring growth. It reminded me of a question.

How can a sales person generate revenues faster from their funnel?

There are plenty of opportunities in the sales funnel, yet it seems to be a stagnant affair. There is no high sales growth.

Here are three simple tips to avoid a stagnant sales funnel:

1) Agree a time frame to purchase as early as possible.

One seller I coached started every enquiry with 'when would you need the items by?' Brilliantly simple and effective method. It reminds the buyer of the urgency and reason for purchasing. The additional opportunity to drive competitive advantage also presents itself. Perhaps your company can deliver faster than anyone else even if your are not lowest price.

The sales person is now a top performer and has the highest conversion rate in the company.

2) Understand why the customer needs your product or services.

An SDR in Payments I work with, now starts a new sales conversation asking what triggered the prospect's interest. This open the conversation up and reinforces needs and urgency.

She is fast becoming a top new business seller.

3) Re-confirm the customer's key needs and time frames to purchase at the start of every interaction. T

The start-up CEO I work with, is very much into sales. He frames the prospect's needs in the email header. This reminds the prospect every time he gets an email. The hit rate of this tactic is very high.

Enjoy these tips and try them. They will help you make more sales and kick start high sales growth.

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