• Gert Scholts


Updated: Dec 9, 2020

In B2B sales, relationships matter more than ever.

Trust has to be earned by sales people regardless of brand, product, price, deal size or sales cycle.

A good relationship between seller and buyer will help win a deal. On the other hand, a poor relationship between seller and buyer will lose a deal.

By understanding their own behaviours better and recognising buyers' behaviours, sellers can adapt their selling style and win more business.

Using the D.I.S.C profiling tools below, is a key step to understanding sales behaviours and how to adapt these when dealing with buyers.

Below are two sample reports based on a short questionnaire a participant ( Taylor Meyer) completed:

Free sample sales profiles:

Download • 1.34MB

A sample showing how to adjust one personal style to a customer style

Download • 95KB

Watch Tony Clay, behavioural sales expert, explain why D.I.S.C. profiling works and how it benefits closing more business.

Benchmarking a sales team with a profiling tool is a first step on the exciting sales transformation journey and increased revenues. Next steps are Training, Sales Coaching and sales process design.

Get in touch and find our how profiling your sales teams will generate more revenues and improved, lasting and more profitable customer relationships.