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VIDEO: Sales people should sell the products they have on the shelf

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Overselling is easily done in the heat of clinching your next deal. Expectations are high and all stakeholders want it to happen.

Yet, once the dust has settled and the signatures ink has dried, operational teams will have to deal with any fall-out and manage potentially dire consequences.

So how can we prevent overselling without restraining the sales team's drive and creativity pushing the line?

Sonya Kimpton de Ville has been an operational expert for over 20 years. She explains how

📜 how to manage expectations without shutting down the sale.

📜 the right checks and balances can enable sales people's autonomy.

📜 cross functional understanding helps sales and operations get to ‘good’

📜 minimise, standardise, and automate processes wherever possible.

📜 have open communications between sales and ops to align teams.

Watch the interview

White paper 1 on this subject

White paper 2 on this subject

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