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Trust: the strategy for sales people in an uncertain world.

Updated: Apr 8

Intuitively we know that trust between buyer and seller creates the environment to do business in. After all, would any of us do business with people or businesses we do not trust?

In today’s rapidly changing world full of uncertainties, trust is not only a sensible sales strategy, it the possibly the go to strategy engaging new customers and hold on to existing ones. That is how we secure high sales growth today and tomorrow.

Here are four methods to create and maintain trust with both customers and prospects. They do not require anything else than our skills and knowledge.

Position yourself as an expert.

Customers expect to learn from sales people as well as buy from them. Make certain we know our product and service inside out. Here are two simple examples:

1) If you are in Payments, make sure you know about chargebacks and refunds and why payment schemes introduced these features.

2) If you are selling Health and Safety equipment like PPE, understand the uses and non uses of the different types of face masks.

Know your value proposition inside out.

Your value proposition tells prospects why they should do business with you rather than your competitors. It makes the benefits of your products or services crystal clear from the outset. Articulating it at the start of a prospecting call, creates trust as well as clarity. Both parties can see the potential fit and benefit.

Here are 3 value propositions:

1) Tesco: Every little helps (saving you money and make life easier)

2) Uber : We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion (saving you time and feel good)

3) TBSC : The Best Sales Coach (making you more successful feeling good)

Ask questions and collaborate .

Create trust by finding out what challenges your customer has. These are the well rehearsed pain or gain points. Ask questions that make your customer reflect on their situation or position. Work together on options and agree next steps. This is how you position yourself as a trusted adviser. Here are two questions that creates trust:

'How does a product like ours, fit with your company goals?'

'What triggered your enquiry?'


We create trust by showing who you are, what is important to us and why. In sales we also create trust by demonstrating our genuine passion for our products and services.

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