HIGH SALES GROWTH through coaching

Bespoke 1-2-1 sales coaching for sales people and their leadership. Fresh perspectives, exciting new techniques, and practical, hands-on support that creates opportunities and closes deals. 


Why do I need this?


For salespeople:


As a swift solution to improve underperforming and / or unmotivated teams, I invest sellers with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to both improve results and exceed expectations. Often, my guidance replaces the need to hire expensive in-house support and frees up your sales leaders to focus on their own targets.  


For sales leaders:


My sales leadership coaching helps transform sales managers into true sales leaders. I enhance their sales knowledge, develop and strengthen their leadership skills, and help them acquire the right mindset to successfully recruit, train, and motivate their teams. The result? Salespeople who take inspiration from their leader to create more opportunities and close more deals. 


Having spent 25-years in sales, I’ve both earned my stripes in the field as a salesperson and transformed sales teams for big-name brands like Autoglass, BUPA and First Data Corporation. 


Through 1-2-1 coaching tailored to the individual needs of sales leaders and sales people, my clients receive the benefit of this hands-on experience, along with taking inspiration from my boundless energy and enthusiasm for selling. 


How does it work?


I inspire, educate, and inform salespeople and sales leaders through regular sessions conducted via a medium of your choice (Zoom, email, phone or face-to-face).


For sales people, we’ll work through everyday sales challenges - from how to stay motivated to choosing the right prospects, how to put together a productive sales meeting to making a successful telephone pitch. 


For sales leaders, we’ll travel through the A-Z of sales management, learning how to recruit, onboard, train and motivate the right sales talent with content that includes:


  • Running 1-2-1 meetings

  • Coaching

  • Incentivisation 

  • Career development

  • Sales 


My coaching is exciting and fun, keeping overall business objectives in sight and measurable results in mind. The process begins with pinning-down what we want to get done (talking hard numbers, not distant dreams) and doesn’t end until we’ve obtained the sales results we set out to achieve.


After every interaction, I’ll produce a written report tracking progress, as we devise and drive high-growth sales strategies and reach higher levels of sales performance. 


I also provide vital follow-up sessions to help new techniques and skills become instinctive and ingrained in everyday practice, creating sustainable long-term sales results.

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