HIGH SALES GROWTH through coaching

How it works

After discussing why coaching is the way forward we'll start with agreeing what we are going to achieve and quantify it in hard numbers and outcomes.


Then I will join your sales people on their day-to-day sales journey - on the road, on their telephone sales calls and progress them with tips and skills that can enhance sales performance on the day. Feedback is the breakfast of champions and the motivation derived from it boosts confidence and motivation. You will also receive a progress report after every coaching day.

Coaching days enable us to devise tailored high growth sales strategies that work for individual team members and the business. From here, we drive and improve sales strategy, tracking the rise of the team as we step up to higher levels of sales performance. And, with all-important follow-up sessions, these sales techniques become ingrained and eventually, instinctive - creating sustainable long-term sales results.

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Coaching Tomorrow's Sales Leaders

​​Being a successful sales person is an important pre-requisite for being a successful sales manager or director. Having done the job, helps with skills and knowledge transfer to newer, inexperienced team members. ​Yet, there are other elements to the sales leader role that are new  and the change from being one of the team to being the leader takes courage and encouragement. This is another area where I can help.


Through regular contact and face to face meetings, I guide new managers to become inspirational sales leaders that get results.  We address the everyday sales management challenges such as motivation, setting sales targets and running great sales meetings. And we'll keep it fun and to the point without losing sight of overall business objectives. 

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