Improve sales performance with 1-2-1 sales coaching for B2B sales people and their leadership. My coaching is outcome driven and in line with your sales growth strategy.  We identify the mindsets that block performance, explore fresh perspectives, exciting new techniques, and practical, hands-on support that improves sales results.  

For salespeople

This is the immediate solution to measure and improve sales results. I invest sellers with the knowledge and attitudes needed to improve their performance. We hold regular coaching sessions focused on actual opportunities, increasing sales activity and accountability. This coaching also frees up sales leaders to focus on their own targets.  

For sales leaders

My sales leadership coaching transforms sales managers into true sales leaders. I enhance their sales management knowledge, develop and strengthen their leadership skills, vision, and help them acquire the right mindset to successfully recruit, train, and motivate their teams.

Results counts

In sales results count. Let's shape your salespeople creating more sales opportunities and delivering today's revenues for tomorrow. They will take inspiration from their measurable improvements and move forward.

Let's build tomorrow's sales leaders whose vision and actions inspire their sales team to go beyond their own expectations and overachieve their quotas growing your company.

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How does it work?


I hold regular 30 min - 1 hr coaching sessions with individual team members conducted via a medium of your choice (Zoom, phone or face-to-face).

With sales people, I’ll work through sales challenges flagged by the sales person as well as evidenced in the current sales pipeline opportunities. We get to the core of the matter, agree next steps for each opportunity and pick up on these during next sessions. The result is improved sales results as well as new sales attitudes and knowledge to win more deals.

With sales leaders, we’ll tackle the current sales management challenges. These are centred around forecasting, recruitment, onboarding, training and motivation. We agree next steps and pick up on these during next sessions creating accountability and vision.

​Hard numbers

The process begins with pinning-down what we want to get done (talking hard numbers and outcomes, not distant dreams) and doesn’t end until we’ve obtained the sales results we set out to achieve. After every interaction, I’ll produce a written report tracking progress, as we devise and drive high-growth sales strategies and reach higher levels of sales performance.

Get in touch and find out how my sales coaching creates revenues for your business.