Making Sales and Making Music

picture showing how making sales and making music is connected

Why music and sales

Making sales and making music both involve learning, listening, creating and performing. 

This is exactly what inspired me to combine my passion for both. As a child I was fascinated by the Hammond organ and later the church organ for their endless possibilities to create sound and emotion.

When I started my sales career I soon found out that customers would only buy if there was genuine emotion and passion mixed in the sales presentation. I believed in the products I was selling.


Of course, product knowledge, skills development and some hard work were all part of the sales success mix. 

Combining my two passions seemed the obvious thing to progress.

So how does it all work

The Making Sales and Making Music event is filled with entertaining comparisons between sales and music. I designed it to perfectly fit in your sales conference. It is sales training at its best because it informs and reminds sales people how the job is done best.

It highlights the need for creativity when looking for new clients, how to start a sales conversation, listening, presenting, objection handling and, of course, closing. I use plenty of real live examples and the audience are welcome to throw in their personal sales challenges. 

Music will play a big role in this fun filled interactive session. Classic, rock 'n' roll and romantic tunes will illustrate how music and selling are so well connected.


Audience members will get on stage and with a bit of luck we'll create an instant band! No practical skills or music knowledge required. It is great for sales team motivation too!  So if you have an event coming up feel free to find out more