SERVICES to create sales opportunities and close deals

If you’re up to your eyeballs in your own work or lack the confidence, experience and expertise needed to make seismic shifts in company sales culture, I offer six core services that can be delivered on-site, in the field or online. 

Sales coaching

Bespoke 1-2-1 sales coaching for sales people and their leadership. Fresh perspectives, exciting new techniques and practical, hands-on support that creates opportunities and closes deals. more

Sales training courses

The fundamentals of best practise for sales, combined with interactive learning that introduces new skills, knowledge and outlooks. My sales training courses enhance performance and confidence to create and close more opportunities. more

Specialist payments sales training


As a highly experienced payments trainer, I deliver sales training tailored to payments sales professionals, with in-built learning and development opportunities for people who sell payment solutions to merchants. more 


Proposal support


Attracting bigger business is exciting, but you may need hands-on support to close your most important deals. From pitch development and proposal building to presentation delivery, I’ll help you locate and land big fish with confidence. more

Interim sales director


Acting as temporary director, I’ll manage sales for your company through periods of growth and change. In this role, I’ll help you recruit, manage and motivate your sales teams and press the accelerator on rapid growth for your company. more



Motivational musical experiences 


These memorable, motivational and educational experiences combine music and sales, injecting your events and conferences with energy. Expect the unexpected! more

Ready to create more opportunities and close more deals?


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