Having the opportunity to win a large sales opportunity is exciting and can be a little scary at the same time. Winning that deal would catapult you and your company onto that high sales growth track you have been seeking for months.

Yet, building a winning proposal or tender response can be daunting - and time consuming. You are not alone. Delivering a winning pitch in a boardroom or procurement department can keep the most seasoned sales person awake at night!

I pro-actively help companies with specific big sales opportunities in three key areas:

  • Proposal development

  • Presentation/pitch development

  • Taking part in formal and informal customer presentations to win deals

Proposal development

We'll take a structured approach based on the customer's requirements. We define how your company meets and exceeds these requirements and why the customer should choose you.


Hands on support to 


Make winning

proposals easy

We then match the customer's requirements with your companies capabilities in one coherent winning proposal. We highlight your unique selling points including your values, staff, customer service focus and why you and the customer should work together.


A winning sales presentation addresses customer's needs. It should home in on the customer's biggest issue(s) and how your product/service addresses those problems.  Traditional presentations are out and new, interactive ways to achieve audience engagement are in. The linear slide presentation has long gone and made way for customer driven sequences based on their preference. I have the know how and state of the art tools to help your presentation be a winner.

The pitch

If needed I will become part of your sales team on the day and seamlessly fit in. I lead or support the meeting helping you win the business. Deploying all my sales experience from working in big companies such as Thomas Cook, Travelex and BUPA, we will go in with one clear objective: Winning the business!


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